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Mireo DNP 

“DON’T PANIC”, a turn-by-turn GPS navigation app for iPhone and Android and Windows CE. Using the most advanced and industry new algorithms for spectacularly fast routing calculation, DON’T PANIC transforms your smartphone into a very powerful GPS tool, up to 100 times faster than similar products.

An intuitive search feature is instantly accessible from anywhere in the app, allowing users to easily find the destination by partial addresses and points of interest (POIs). Thanks to offline maps – which can be purchased on a country-by-country basis from within the app - there’s no need for mobile internet access and no roaming costs.

As one of the world leaders in navigation technology for over a decade, Mireo has optimised the app especially for iPhone and Android devices. Mireo DON’T PANIC’s complete touch integration enables users to seamlessly pan, zoom and rotate maps.

‘Our engineers have looked at navigation from outside the box to create the smartest, fastest and easiest to use GPS navigation app on the market.’

  1. install on IOS,Android,Windows CE systems
  2. Intuituve like a web brower.
  3. We've done our homework so you don't have to.
  4. All-In-One Smart Search
  5. Click to search. Just once.
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