About Us 

In this section we will provide some of our services in GIS, Tracking and Navigation field and you will use from these services on web.
1.       Jayab Tracking System:  At present you can use from web Tracking software when you register on web site, we will send our address and user name and pass word for tracking personal or vehicles.
2.        Web GIS: our WebGIS is under testing . we designed and developed this GIS engine for Organizations that need a lot of queries with huge data. We develop and costume this engine with your order.
3.       GIS Convertor: one of the important services  on web is a convertor which is related with our another software ( iDea GIS)  . this is a powerful GIS software for data gathering ,Surveying , editing Geometry and editing attribute  data on Tablet devices like iOS and Android . when you use our software you need this service for converting Data from iDea GIS to SHP or other standard format and vice versa .