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SD Maps 

  • Data base coverage
Coverage of population is around 90%.


  • Road Network

Full Detailed Coverage of National roads and cities Streets are available in our data base.
- Total Mileage: 470,000 KM
-Capital of province: 31 (100% coverage)
-Capital of county: 429    (100% coverage)
-Minor city: 500

  • Points of Interest (POI)

-This release contains 184 categories and sub categories.
-Extra information same as Telephone number, rate, and website are available for important categories  
-Total POIs: 520,000  and its growing up

  • Additional Information

Green area, Ferry Connections, Rivers and Lakes, DEM, DSM, Turn Tables, Bifurcation Table, Center of settlements, Land used polygons

  • Addressing

2D foot print is available for Tehran and the house number is available now for some districts. It is expanding to whole of Tehran and major cities.

  • 3D Landmarks

-3D landmarks are available with OBJ and texture atlas format.
-3D buildings are available for whole of Tehran ( Full 3D view).

  • Speed Camera

- Speed camera positions, with official speed are available. We covered whole national roads and major cities ( 100% coverage for national roads and major cities)

  • ADAS (Advance driving Assistant system)

-Lane information available for Tehran city .
-Reality view from signposts.


  • Languages

All of data are provide with 2 languages English/Farsi

  • Administrative divisions

We have all official administration layer with demography:  (Provinces, counties, Districts, cities and rural districts)


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