About Us 

About Us Rahnegar Group:
Rahnegar Co. established in 2002 to expand and reform activities of C&C Company in field of Car Electronics, GPS,and Telecommunications. Atlas Rahnegar Co. established at 2009 to expand and reform activities in field of Navigable Maps with TA standards, Develop softwares for Navigation, Tracking,GIS ,Web-GIS, Surveying and Augmented Reality (AR).
With 36 employees and estimated turn-over of 3 Million US$ for previous year, we have financing and high level relationships of Rahnegar Group as support.
We have a nation-wide distribution channel of more than 100 companies and show rooms for consumer Electronics. Also, we have contracts with Car Manufacturers as their Supplier. At present, we are the leader company in related field in our country, with most of the big project that has been done as reputable references.

We have an office in UAE and Georgia as trading and Banking aim, which help us to have easier connection and commercial relationship with the rest of the world.

Rahnegar Group is active in the fields of

GIS and Mapping


- Car Electronics

- GPS and Positioning 

- Fleet Management

- Mobile Communication

- Consumer Electronics